Jalie Shorts tutorial

First I kept looking at these 1 yard pieces of quilting fabric I had laying around begging to be used. I had no idea what to make other than a quilt with it and it really wasn’t but a yard of fabric. What in the world can you make with that? Answer: SHORTS ! SUMMER SHORTS!

It’s almost summer and that means getting your cool comfortable summer wardrobe in check. I was looking way back in my storage for all my shorts that I haven’t worn since last summer and noticed how “boring” they really are… and worn. Time to spruce up a bit for summer. Jalie has designed a super simple, easy-breezy shorts/pants pattern that fits little girls on up to grown women. YAY! This pattern is well drafted and has super easy directions to follow. The shorts are pull-ups with an elastic waistband and POCKETS! Cute as can be too.

Sew here we go! If you’re inquisitive, click HERE to go see the Jalie website.

OK… to be totally honest… I’m not in my 20’s anymore and that does affect my choice of clothing design. I was concerned that this pattern might be a little “young” for me??? but what the heck. It’s only a yard of leftover fabric, right? I cut out a size W (10) and added 2 extra inches in length and started at it. The first seams are your front and back center seams. OH…and all seams are 3/8″ seam allowance (1 cm). I added a fusible bias tape to the rear seam for a little extra safety feature. Nothing worse than bending over and ripping your pants if you know what I mean. So I double seamed the back and added that bias tape, trimmed my seams and finished with an overlock stitch. You can choose to top stitch your seams too.

Jalie gives you options on your pocket facing showing or not and your waistband showing or not. Your choice. You could use some really cute color blocking or contrast fabric here. I chose to just use the fabric at hand and did my facings hidden. So, grab your facing and press the edge that is not your seam and finish it so it doesn’t ravel when you put your paws in and out of your pockets. I just ironed 1/4″ over and used an overcast stitch.

Now sew your pocket facing to the pocket, rights sides together and matching your notches. Press your seam and turn it over and iron it nice and neatly. I did a double topstitch here to hold the facing in place.

Iron your seam allowance on your edges of the pocket so they are ready so sew in place on your front pieces.

Press seam allowance in

Pin your pockets to your front matching your notches and sew in place. I also did a double row of stitches so it not only gave it more strength, but it kept the visual homogenous.

Pin pockets in place

Complete your side seams and crotch seams, trim and finish your seams.

Sew your waistband pieces together. I pressed the edge you don’t seam over 1/4″ and then attach the band to the main shorts. Now here is “Marion’s” version of how to do an elastic waistband. Fore warning, not necessarily the right way to do it, but it works for me. I take my elastic and test it on my body to get the right amount of stretch and ease for me. That just happened to be 33″ of 1-inch woven elastic. But that’s just me folks. You do you. I sewed the elastic together at the ends and then marked the half point and the quarter points. I then pinned the elastic to the band matching those quarter points to the back, front and side seams. I stretched the elastic to match the fabric a quarter length at a time, and sewed it in place with a zigzag stitch. See below:

THEN…. I fold the band over and stitch it down close to the edge of the band pulling it flat as you go along. See below:

Now hem your shorts. I use a blind hem stitch on mine.

Jalie Shorts

All done. I tried them on and was pleasantly surprised! They fit! Sort a… This is the first time I have made this pattern so next time for my body I will increase the rise about an inch or two and scoop out the crotch a bit just for a better fit. Not a loss though by any means. I will wear these this summer, no doubt!

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