New Look 6648 Top Tutorial

Let’s take a New Look at 6648; a beautiful top which was designed in 2006. What a great pattern that has four different options for a super stylish top. This top’s main feature is the ruching around the hip area. I think this top has a bit of Asian flair with the super cool Kimono sleeves. I, however, decided to make view D which is sleeveless for summer.

Sew Here We GO!

I have learned a long hard lesson in preserving patterns and how important it is to keep older patterns in as best of shape as possible. I used to just buy a pattern and cut the heck out of it just to find Oooops… I cut the wrong size, or damn I gained another 10 lbs… UGH! Now, no matter if it’s a brand new pattern or a vintage keepsake, I trace the pieces out on tracing paper instead of cutting up the original. I suggest you catch on to this way of preserving your patterns too.

Trace your pattern pieces.

Let’s take a peak out the pattern requirements for New Look 6648:

OK… truth be told, I used a cotton slub jersey that I fudged a bit on the stretch. It didn’t quite stretch as much as the pattern “suggested”, but there you have it….it’s just a suggestion. Probably a good suggestion. Anyway, the pattern calls for a stretch knit and I actually was able to cut my 3 pattern pieces out of 1 1/4 yard! What a great pattern to use up some of that old stash. TIP: use pattern weights and a rotary cutter to make cutting easier.

Step One: press the back neck edge over twice and sew a small neck hem.

Back neck hem.

Step Two: Finish the drape neck edge of the front piece by your preferred method. I just did a simple overlock stitch.

Step Three: With rights sides together, place the front and back pieces together lining up the shoulder seams at the notches. Fold the front drape over the back shoulder so it looks like the below pictures. The drape edge should come close to the notch marking. Sew in place using a 5/8 seam allowance. Trim your seam. Turn right side out and waalaa… it’s magic. See pictures below:

Align shoulder seams with notch.
Fold front drape over the back shoulder and sew in place.
Turn shoulder seam right side out.

Step Four: Sew the side seams of the main blouse. I used a stretch stitch since I know I will need a bit of give with the knit pull-over top.

Stretch stitch

Step Five: Sew the armhole hems the same way as the back neck edge. Just a quick double roll small hem. Again I used a stretch stitch for this.

Step Six: Now I probably deviated a bit from the directions on doing the ruching, but this way just made more sense to me. Make sure you have properly marked all your dots, notches, and the FOLD LINE. I sewed both side seams together first, trimmed and pressed the seams too. Then, I sewed a double row of basting stitches for gathering that ran one on each side of the seam from the hem to the FOLD LINE. Now when you pull those gather threads the idea is to make the gathered area the same size as the non gathered area. Fold it with right sides out, and I sewed the gathered area down onto the non gathered area along the seam line “Stitch in the Ditch”.

Step Seven: Attach the lower ruched piece to the main bodice and sew in place matching all those cute little notches and seam lines. ENSURE you attach it with the RUCHED side as the RIGHT side. The Non-Ruched side will be on the inside of the top.

Attach ruched lower to the main bodice.

WAAAA LAAAAAH!! We are done. How cool is that. So quick and easy and what a perfect top for summer.

New Look 6648

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