Ann Normandy Maxi Dress Tutorial

If you can’t tell, I’m impressed with Ann Normandy‘s style. So much so that not only did I make and love her sleeveless shift dress, BUT, I also went back and purchased her MAXI dress pattern too. This tutorial is an extension of the Shift Dress Tutorial…(no pun intended) because the length is extended!! OK, I’m not ready for Prime Time comedy.

SEW…. Here We GO!

If you haven’t seen the Shift Dress tutorial yet, follow it along until you get to the side vents. That’s where this tutorial will begin…

First thing to do on the side vents is to prep your side seams with a bit of fusible interfacing. Fuse a strip of interfacing all the way down the seam line to the bottom hem area. Make sure you start fusing before the dot so you have that area covered for strength. Trim 3/8″ off the seam of the BACK vents, and only the BACK VENT, before you sew.

Fuse interfacing to vent seam line
Trim 3/8″ of edge of fabric down the vent on the BACK PIECE ONLY

Sew your side seams from the armscye to the dot using a 3/4″ seam allowance. Cut a notch 3/8″ from the raw edge into the seam allowance at the DOT.

Trim the BACK PIECE seam allowance down to 1/4″ from the dot to the armscye.

Trim back piece seam allowance down to 1/4″

Press your front seam allowance over the back seam allowance as you would for a flat-feld seam. (See the shift dress tutorial on how to do a flat-fled seam if you haven’t already). Double fold and press both sides of the side vents. Starting at the armscye, sew the flat feld seam all the way and continue the stitching down the one side of vent. Sew the other side of the vent fold next and then tack it so it gives some strength to avoid any rippage.

Now hem that puppy and WAAAAH LAAAAH! Another comfortable summer frock thanks to Ann Normandy Designs.

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