Simplicity 4223 Top

I was having a hard time finding a unique summer “tank top” or “pull-over” that was designed for woven fabric, perfect for jeans or dressed up, and was easy wash and wear. Hummmm…. Simplicity 4223 was the ticket!!!

Grant it, it’s an older pattern but never out of style. I love the “off-side” neckline button detail which hints at an Asian flair. Super comfortable for me at a size 16. I traced my pattern size so to preserve the original pattern. All seam allowances are 5/8″ unless otherwise stated. I put a new size 10 microtex needle in my machine and was ready…

SEW….Here we GO!!!

I chose a Galleria woven geometric jacquard polyester fabric that is easy care and a bit shimmery in the light. Surprisingly it’s cool and comfortable against the skin. I also used a very light weight fusible interfacing for the collar facings. I decided to use clear round shank buttons instead of making the “knots” as shown in the pattern instructions. I also used alot of wash-away wonder tape instead of pins in strategic places as you will see as we go along.

OK… cut out the pattern and fuse the interfacing to the facings. I also used “stay tape” along the neckline in addition to sewing the stay stitching just because I didn’t want to mess anything up. Call it insurance for success. Sew the front and back together at the shoulders. Finish the seam to keep it from raveling.

sew shoulder seams

Sew the neck facing front and back together too at the shoulder seams. Press outer edge of facing 1/4″ over. I used the wonder tape here to keep the 1/4″ edge down. Pin facing in place and sew around the neckline using 5/8″ allowance and follow the neck opening markings ensuring you sew a few extra stitches for strength at the corners and the bottom of the opening. Very carefully, cut the neck opening down the center of the stitching ensuring you don’t cut through the stitches.

Trim the points, cut a notch into the corners and grade the seam. Cut a few notches around the curve too. Turn facing to inside, use a point turner to get those points out nice and neat and give it a good press. Now I used a bunch of wonder tape here too to hold the facing in place nice and neat so I could sew it down without it moving around.

Once you have it secured in place with the tape, sew it in place using a nice topstitch.

Now let’s work on the button tabs/loops. Sew the loops by folding like a bias tape fold and stitch close to the edge to hold it. Cut into 4 3/4″ pieces.

Fold strips in half and stitch them together using a slip stitch by hand up to where your button of choice will fit through the tip. (See below)

Align the button loops on the top as seen below and stitch in place.

Fold loops over to cover the raw edges and stitch in place using a nice top stitching. Sew buttons on other side of slit. See below:

Moving right along! Sew side seams and finish them nice and neatly with an overcast stitch. Hem the bottom of the shirt anyway you like. I used a double rolled hem using wonder tape to help me hold it in place. Take the sleeve and sew a double row of gather stitching so you can ease the sleeves into the top. Sew the sleeve seams and hem the sleeves the same way I did the rolled hem.

Set the sleeves in place and finish the seams and WAAAAAH LAAAAAH!!! You’re done! I LOVE this top!!!!!! And I hope you do too.

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