Butterick 6628 Top

Oh I love a fashionable top with a twist. The Butterick 6638 offers twists, turns, frills, and more!

Designed for s-t-r-e-t-c-h knits, I made the decision to use a not-so-stretchy knit… hummm… what’s wrong with this picture. Anyway, with a little forethought I said “why not”. I purchased a silky fabric that has a lot of stretch in the warp (long), but very little in the weft (side to side) which is where this pattern needs the stretch. I also noticed on view A which is what I wanted to make, the neckline was very small and needed to get…hummm… my head through it. So I needed to come up with a solution. I decided to make a small slit with a button at the back to allow it to go over my head and look like it was designed that way. More of that when we get into the weeds of making this cute top.

SEW… Here we GO!!!!

I cut out a size 16. By the size charts I really thought this would be the perfect size…. NOT! Either I gained a ton of weight in the last week (note to self lay off the pastries)…. or … this is a really tight top. Consider all these things before you cut into your pretty fabric. You may want to cut a size larger than you think is right. Some very smart person once said, “measure twice, cut once.”

Once you do cut out your pattern, mark all your notches. ooohhh also, cut a 1″ wide strip on the bias to make your button loop at the back while you’re at it.

Re-enforce the corners where you will be cutting up to the stitching line. I not only used stitching but I added some fusible bias tape for extra security.

On your front pieces, fold the tie in half and match up the dots and edges. Starting at the dots, sew down the length of the ties, pivot and turn at the end and finish sewing the bottom edge. (See below). Do the same thing to the other front piece. Trim your seams and corners. Cut a notch to the dot without going through your stitching.

Now this part is a bit tricky. With right sides together, line up your two front pieces with each other so you can stitch them together. I suggest you start at the dots where you just made your ties. Sew from the dot down to the bottom hemline. Go back to the dot and sew from the dot and up to the top.

This is what your front piece should look like after you sew the two front pieces together:

Nicely done! OK…now let’s work on the back. Remember I said we needed to make a slit opening for my head… Sew the back seam together starting about 4″ down from the neckline and work down to the hemline. Finish the slit by folding seam allowance edges over twice and topstitch. Go ahead and sew the shoulder seams and side seams. I used a fusible stay tape along my shoulder seams to give it some help from stretching over time and to hold it’s shape longer.

Make a button loop out of the 1″ wide strip of fabric and sew it into the neck edge hem. Sew the button on too while you’re at it.

You can now sew your sleeve seams, do a double row of gathering stitching in between the dots of the sleeve top and set your sleeves in place easing it in with the gathering to fit. Hem your sleeves and bodice and WAAAH LAAAH! A gorgeous top… that doesn’t fit me. UGH. Too small. BUT!!! it fit’s my neighbor so I gave it to her. She’s tickled pink.

One thought on “Butterick 6628 Top

  1. How annoying that it didn’t fit as it’s a lovely top. You can’t tell it’s too small but obviously you know. I get fed up making toiles all the time and cutting things out a bit bigger doesn’t always work well either in my experience. 💕🧵

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