Simplicity 8601 Top Tutorial

Time to look at the fall season ahead via wardrobe picks. I found this cute olive and black polyester charmeuse and it was love at first sight, but I now I had to choose a pattern that would make it shine. That’s where Simplicity 8601 popped out at me.

SEW…Here We GO!!!

I was drawn to view A with the knotted front; however, knowing my body structure … and age … I wanted to make it appropriate for me and not for a teenager. To do this I made a change to the front piece by lowering where the knot would start (not my bellybutton), and also lengthened the tie itself.

Once all the pieces are cut out and interfacing has been fused to the front and back neck facings, we can begin to sew. Stay stitch your necklines using a 1/2″ width from the edge. With right sides together, sew the front seam using a 5/8″ seam allowance starting at the neck and down to the DOT where you choose to have your knot at. Finish your seams nice and neat anyway you choose.

Sew your back seam from the DOT down to the hemline and finish it pretty too. Make a button loop with some of your leftover fabric for your back neck button. Sew it to one of the back panels 5/8″ below the neckline and ensuring you place it so the button size you choose to use will fit the loop once the neck facing is sewn in place. See below:

With right sides together, sew the back neck facing pieces together starting at the dot and down to the lower edge. Sew the front and back neck facings together at the shoulder seams and press. Go ahead and so a 1/4″ hem on the facing or finish in whatever style you like. Pin facing to bodice and sew in place catching the button loop.

Trim the seams and corners. Turn facing right side out and poke those points out nice and neat. Give it a good press. Understitch the facing so it lays nice and neat. Tack facing in place at the seam lines.

Sew a 1/4″ stitch line all around the bottom hem. This will help you press a narrow double rolled hem easier. Sew your narrow hem in place ensuring your fold your tie points so the raw edges are hidden. Re-enforce stitch where the knot is tied.

Sew your sleeve seams and finish them. Do a narrow rolled hem to each sleeve like you did to the bodice. Set the sleeves into the bodice and WAAAAAAAA LLAAAAAAAAHHH! A cute little fall top that is comfortable and versatile.

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