Uvita Top tutorial

I had another “Itch to Stitch”, so I checked out their patterns for a knit top and found this cute little number, Utiva. It’s a simple drop shoulder top designed for knits, which I just happened to have on hand.

Itch to Stitch is an independent pattern company that has some super cute designs in clothing patterns. This particular pattern comes with two sleeve lengths. I chose to make a size 6 with the 3/4 sleeve length. I do not own a serger so I used some stretch stitches that are loaded on my sewing machine to complete this top. The knit I used is a raspberry viscose/spandex novelty waffle weave knit that is super soft and stretchy.

SEW…. Here We GO!!!

Cut out your pattern pieces and mark your notches. This pattern has a neck band so I chose to cut out a 2″ strip of fabric instead of the 1″ pattern piece they suggest using. I prefer to use a different method to finish the neck line as we will talk about when we get to it.

Such an easy pattern to put together, but we must do some prep work first. I fused some stabilizer tape to the shoulders and neckline first.

With right sides together, sew the bodice together at the shoulder seams. For some added stability, I also sewed a piece of bias tape into the shoulders to keep them from stretching.

Next I sewed the neck band in using a technique that you measure the band and cut it about 15% shorter than the neckline. Pint the band at the center front, center back and quarters, then you stretch it in place as you sew. Top stitch it so it doesn’t roll back out.

With right sides together, pin the sleeves in place matching the dots and notches. Sew in place. Next with right sides together, sew the side seams and sleeve seams all in one swoop.

All that’s left to do is hemming the bodice and the sleeves. I used an overlock stitch and stretched the fabric as I sewed the edges to make it curl.

WAAAAAH LAAAAAH!!!! Believe it or not that’s it! Super comfortable, washable knit top for casual wear.

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