Butterick 4230 TOP

Looking for an easy stretchy top with a little style around the collar? Maybe show a little shoulder but not too much? Well then this is the pattern for you. BUT! sewer beware! This cute “little” number is very small and close fitting to the point I wouldn’t even go by the size listed. It is TIGHT! And the construction is a bit odd. You gotta keep reading this one to get the whole story…

What drew me to this pattern was one of my sewing friends had made it and I just fell head over heals with it. She had made it in a beautiful white stretch knit that laid so perfectly, and for an embellishment, she had attached a beautiful broach instead of where the collar has a ribbon tie. So classy!

This pattern was designed prior to 2005 folks and so I searched the internet to find it. I purchased the XS,S,M size thinking, OK, I wear a medium on most occasions and I can alter a pattern a bit, right??? Well, let me tell you… the Medium is really a Small. Even with about an inch added to the waist area, I looked like a sausage being packed into its casing. UGH!!! Thank the Gods I have a friend who is 3 sizes smaller than me. She gets all my “oooops, I made it too small again” makes. I just call them “wearable muslins”or “practice”, or “I really meant it to fit you, not me.” makes. BLLAAAHHAHHAHAAA!

OK… so this pattern calls for a stretch knit fabric. I purchase a soft stretchy white ponte knit that wasn’t too heavy. It feels like a heavy T-shirt fabric. Such a great fabric for wash and wear. I chose to make View A and instead of using a ribbon, I was going with a statement button.

SEW…Here we GO!

Let’s talk about the idiosyncrasies of this pattern. The directions call for NO HEM. They tell you to leave the hem unsewn. WHAT? Are you KIDDING? Well, I’m not doing that. I like a finished look with the fabric I was using. So if you prefer a hem I would suggest you ADD an inch to the length of the garment and sleeves. I also thought about doing a facing with my collar to finish that nice and neatly but decided instead to use a curly lettuce rolled hem with my serger on the collar, sleeves, and bottom hems. Another change I made was to the construction of the collar. That will be discussed fully coming up! (teaser). AND I added an inch to both sides of the bodice to give me a little more wiggle room (which was totally not enough!). AND, by the way, the sleeves are SUPER TIGHT! You may want to consider an adjustment there too.

OK… once you figure out all your adjustments, cut your pieces out and get ready to sew. Mark all the notches and dots. Such an easy make to construct. Just follow along.

Pin the front and back pieces together at the sides and the shoulders. I suggest putting ribbon stabilizer into the shoulder seams so they don’t stretch. Sew using a 5/8″ inch seam allowance. I used my serger. First time user here~it was really nice and easy to do.

Now for the collar. Sew the end pieces of your collar together using a 5/8″ seam allowance. Go ahead and hem the collar piece before we attach it. As I said before, I just got a serger, (never had one before), so this was the perfect time to test drive the curly lettuce rolled hem. It came out great. All you have to do is stretch the fabric as you sew along the edge with an overlock stitch on a sewing machine if you don’t have a serger. SUPER EASY BREEZY!

Now to attach the collar to the bodice, I wanted the raw seam edge of the collar to not show when the collar is flip forward to the front so think about this. Since the collar does hang nicely over the front, I chose to have the raw edge of the seam on the RIGHT SIDE of the bodice. The collar will hide it and the seam looks nice and finished on the WRONG side too. So place the RIGHT side of the collar to the WRONG side of the bodice and sew in place matching the dots and notches.

Turn right side out and there you have it. The seam is hidden under the collar. I cinched a little of the seam of the collar to make it ready for the button.

Now sew the sleeve seams together using a 5/8″ seam allowance and set the sleeves into the bodice matching all dots and notches. Hem your garment using the lettuce hem edge to match the collar. And. WAAAAAAH LAAAAAAAH! You’re done. Super EASY, CUTE, FASHIONABLE, LOVELY, FEMINE, AND VERSATILE, SMALL AS HECK TOP!

One thought on “Butterick 4230 TOP

  1. Cute top. But beware of patterns without photos. In my experience, fashions drawings are sometimes only loosely interpreted by the pattern maker 🙂



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