McCall’s 7912 Jacket

I took my sweet puppy outside this morning and shiver me timbers it was chilly! The dog days of summer are over. I had my arms wrapped around me shivering hoping she would hurry up and do her business quickly because I was COLD. Time to get those sweaters and jackets out.

McCall’s 7912 is the perfect fall cover-up. I love the design with the wrap belted front, fashionable collar, several choices in length and sleeves. I had to give it a go. Paired with an easy-care acrylic woven sportswear fabric, I was ready to go forward and conquer. As always, put a new needle into your sewing machine that matches your fabric choice. Ensure your machine is clean and ready to go so we don’t have to deal with skipped stitches and bunched up balls of thread at inopportune times. Do some test sewing lines to ensure your tension is good too!

For those of you who don’t know, I just bought a serger. I’ve never had one before, so I decided to rip that band-aid off and pay for a slightly used Baby Lock Imagine serger. It’s a game changer I will admit. Worth every penny. But, as most of you know I have also got by with just my sewing machine for Y-E-A-R-S so you can do a successful make without a serger if you don’t have one.

SEW…..Here we GO!

Even though I don’t get paid for this blog, I will give you some tips and tricks that I use along the way with a link to those items just because they have made my sewing journey easier. I highly suggest you look around and compare prices before you purchase from one of my links.

I have learned to trace my pattern pieces out on some “Bee Paper” instead of cutting up my purchased pattern. That way if/when I need a different size from the pattern I have it. I love my rotary cutter to cut out my pattern pieces. It’s a dream to get a nice precise cut. On this particular fabric I chose it frays like crazy! I overlocked the edges of every piece as soon as I cut it out.

The first thing I wanted to sew was the belt. I wanted to see how my machine sewed on this fabric since I’ve never worked with this type before. Once I sewed the belt, I decided to top stitch the edges to make it lay flat.

Next, with right sides together, sew the front and back pieces together at shoulder. Use some type of stabilizer along the shoulder seam so it doesn’t stretch out. I just used some ribbon I had handy.

Lay the bodice out flat so you can set the sleeves in matching the notches and ends. Sew in place. Finish those seams with an overlock stitch if you are not using a serger.

With right sides together, sew the side and sleeve seams in one stitch line.

There are two collar pieces, number 9 and 10. The upper collar piece is #10. Apply fusible interfacing to piece 10. With right sides together, sew the center seam of piece 10 so you get one long upper collar. Press the notched edge over 5/8″. Sew the under collar (#9) at the center seam. With right sides together, sew the two collars pieces together on the sides and down the un-notched edge. Turn the collar right side out and give it a good press.

Pin the collar to the bodice to see how well it fits down the front to the hemline. You will now need to hem your bodice so it’s the same length as your collar piece before you attach the collar. Once you have the bodice hemmed, with right sides together, sew the collar to the bodice so the hemline will tuck into the collar end. (See below). To finish the collar, I hand stitched the collar to seal it up so the stitches wouldn’t show. You can use your machine, however be sure your stitching is nice and neat because it will show.

All that’s left to do is hem your sleeves! And. WHAAAAAAA. LAAAAAAH! A cute wrap for Fall!!! YAY!!!

2 thoughts on “McCall’s 7912 Jacket

  1. Congratulations on your new serger. That is exactly what I did about three years ago. I never had one either and bought a gently used Babylock Evolve. I’ve used it much more than I thought I would. I’ve always wanted to try a knitted type of fabric for something. As usual, I love your tutorial type of post. Take care, Terri


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