Discoverer T-Shirt

Now you know I love a great T-Shirt. Ellie & Mac has designed a super cute one with lots of style. The “Discoverer” has so many options go with this pattern from various sleeve lengths to hem bands if you choose. Oh… and my favorite is the super cool color block design.

Some homework first: Clean your sewing machine. Insert a new needle for your fabric choice. If you’re sewing knits, then I suggest a ball point needle. This pattern is designed for knits. It is also designed to use a serger, however you can get by on a regular sewing machine with a stretch stitch. Seam allowances are 1/4″ and hem allowances are 1/2″.

Decide on design for your T-shirt. What color(s) do you want for the top bodice, bottom bodice, sleeves, cuffs, neckband????? Know before you start cutting.

Sew…. Here We GO!

Cut out all your pattern pieces. I suggest using a rotary cutter for nice precise cutting. This is a unique pattern in that there is only one bodice piece and it is interchangeable for the front and back, so ensure you cut two pieces on the fold. The top bodice has two different neck lines; one for the back and one for the front. Cut one out for the back and one out for the front following the guides.

With right sides together, attach the top and bottom portions of the bodice together for both the back and front.

The serger makes this process so easy. The stitching is perfect for stretchy fabrics.

With right sides together, sew the shoulder seams together using some type of stabilizer so the shoulders don’t stretch out. Once the shoulders are sewn, lay your shirt out flat with right side up. Pin your sleeves into place and stitch lining up the center points and ends.

With right sides together, sew the side seams and sleeve seams matching underarms and ends. Now to attach the neckband. I usually cut my neckband approximately 20% shorter than my neckline. Sew the ends of the neckband together, fold in half and press right side out. Pin neckband in place around the neckline stretching where needed to fit the neckline. Sew in place being sure you only stretch the band and not the neckline when you sew it in. Top stitch the neckline to hold down the seam allowance. Press flat.

Hem the sleeves and bottom and you’re done! WAAAAAH LAAAAAA!!! A very cute T-shirt. Not like all the others.

2 thoughts on “Discoverer T-Shirt

  1. Love this one. I checked my Ellie & Mac pattern stash and have this one. I’ve gotten so many of their patterns on the $1 Wacky deal. I thought it would be good for using up remnants. What kind of stabilizer did you use for the shoulder seams?
    Take care, Terri


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