McCall’s 6996 Jacket

Whew, it’s chilly outside, but when the sun comes out it warms up too much for a coat. I need a quick light weight long sleeved layer that looks like part of my outfit. Enter McCall’s 6996 jacket.

I chose to make view A in a size LARGE. I had on hand a stretchy lycra spandex cotton that was light to mid weight in black. One of my concerns with making this topper is that my fabric was not sturdy or heavy enough to hold this shape, but I was willing to give it a try. The lycra / spandex has a tendency to curl on the edges. If this worked out OK it would be the perfect weight. This is quite an easy top to assemble. There are no facings and the wrong side of the fabric could easily show, so pick your fabric with this in mind.

Sew… Here we GO!

View A does not have any pieces that need interfacing. The hemlines and edges are finished with a quick narrow rolled hem. Cut out your pattern pieces and let’s get started sewing. Seam allowances are 5/8″.

On the front collar area, re-enforce the corner of the collar at the dot. Clip into the corner.

Cut two pieces of some type of stabilizer for the center collar at a 3 1/4″ length. On the front pieces, sew a double row of basting stitches for gathering at the center back of the collar. Gather so it fits the same length as the stabilizer and sew in place.

With right sides together, sew the two front pieces together at the center collar seam that is gathered. Set the front to the side for now while we assemble the back pieces.

Next with right sides together, sew the upper and lower back pieces together matching notches, center and sides.

Time to sew the front to the back. With right sides together, line up the back and front at the dots, edges and notches. I chose to sew the shoulders in place separately first. I used a piece of stabilizer on the shoulder here too to keep them from stretching out of shape. Once my two shoulders were done I then sewed the neckline seams. I used a double row of stitching for extra strenght.

We are now cooking with microwaves and moving right along. With right sides together, sew the side seams. All that’s left is setting the sleeves in place and hemming both the sleeves and the bottom hem and the edge of the front and collar area. Sew a double row of gathering stitches around the sleeve armscye. Sew the sleeve seams. Set sleeve into the bodice matching notches and seams. Ease into place with the gathering stitches. Sew in place. I finished my topper with just a narrow rolled hem on both sleeves and bodice.

And WHHHHAAAAAAA LLLAAAAAAAHHH! A cute little fall topper for the cooler weather. Not a sweater, not a jacket, but a layered addition to the outfit. I like it.

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