Savannah Knit Top

You know that feeling you get when you come across THE pattern that just fits and feel fabulous in every way? That’s how I feel about Style Arc’s Savannah knit top pattern.

Style Arc is a very cool pattern company out of Australia. Their designs are so comfy and wearable, however they are notoriously known for sparse instructions on how to assemble their patterns…(and slightly different terminology from the USA). I’m going to give it a go and hopefully be able to clarify to you some of the unique construction techniques of this knit top.

SEW…. Here We GO!

Since this pattern is designed for knit fabrics, I chose to use a soft buttery jersey that is a light weight. It seems to have a cuddly brush feeling which I just want to roll around in all day! What’s super cool about this pattern is you can get creative in choosing a contrast fabric for the inside of the cuffs and hem facing if you like. I just went with my main fabric throughout. I chose to make a size 12. (To give you a frame of reference, I have a 39″ bust.). Seam allowances are 3/8 inch.

This pattern is very precise so be sure to cut your fabric accordingly and mark your notches too. I like using my rotary cutter for a more precise cut.

The first seam we will make will be to form the neckline/shoulder design. It has a folded over wrapped shoulder which is similar to a boat neck. The dot and notch markings on your fabric are super important here so you fold it correctly.

With right sides together, sew the front and back pieces together as seen in the above pictures. Match those dots and notches precisely. Once you have those sewn, fold the pieces so it forms the armscye as seen in the below pictures. Pin in place. You can also baste it in place too, but don’t baste past that 3/8″ seam allowance or you may have trouble picking it out of your knit fabric.

Set the front and back to the side for now and let’s construct the neckline facings. Fuse interfacing to the front and back facing pieces. With right sides together, sew the facings together at the seams. Notice the neck facing has flat sides at the shoulders? This will align with the armscye when you attach the sleeves. Go ahead and finish the outside edge of the facing. I used an overlock stitch on mine.

Align your neck facing to your bodice matching those dots and notches, and sew in place.

I recommend you under-stitch (flat stitch) the seam allowance to the facing so it lays nice and flat on the inside. Trim your seam allowances. Turn right side out and press. I basted my neck facing to the armscye at this point to hold it down. After basting it, I decided to do a topstitch from the neckline to the armscye to highlight the folded shoulder design.

Once the neckline was completed, I decided to topstitch around the neckline too.

Time to sew the side seams. With right sides together, align the side seams matching the notches, curves and armscye edges. Sew in place from the armscye down to the notch. Also, sew the hem facings together at their side seams which is only about 1 1/2 ” long. (See below pictures)

With right sides together, align the hem facing to the bodice. Pin in place matching seams and notches. Sew in place. Turn right side out and top stitch the facing to the bodice at both the bottom edge and inside top edge. (See below pics).

Sew the sleeve seams and facings the same way you did with the side seams and hem facings. (see below pictures)

Now this is a bit different so pay close attention!!! Set the sleeves in by matching the notches NOT THE SEAMS. This allows the design element of the open slit of the cuff to lay on the inside edge of the wrist. SEE BELOW PICTURES

And WAAAAAAAHHHH LAAAAAAAAHHHH!! You’re done. Such a cute top and so wearable for everyday! I love this pattern and highly recommend you give Style Arc a go. They have some super cute designs and the fit is spot on right every time for me.

4 thoughts on “Savannah Knit Top

  1. I have steadfastly refused to buy Style Arc after my experience with the Ziggi Jacket but I do wonder if I’m cutting off my nose to spite my face. Your top looks lovely. Fabric looks great too.

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