McCall’s 7975 Sweater

Buuurrrrr it’s C O L D outside. Sweater time is here and now. McCalls 7975 sweater is up at bat paired with a super soft light weight rayon/polyester/lycra 3×2 rib knit in a dark navy to sooth the shivers.

Check out the style of this awesome pattern. Lots of comfortable ease in this pull over long sleeve with several options for sleeve designs and back lengths. Speaking of design, check out the knotted front for style!!!

Sew…Here We GO!

I cut out a size LARGE (which I wish I had only cut a medium), however it’s a wonderful cozy easy breezy sweater that is very comfortable non the less. I used both my sewing machine and serger in the construction of this top. Seam allowances are 5/8″. Since my fabric is dark, I used my Clover yellow chalk marker to mark my dots and notches along the way.

The first step was to re-enforce the dots on the front bodice where the hole for the knot design is made. Once the dots are re-enforced, clip from the edge to the dot and then just make a double fold of the fabric to form a short hemline to finish it off. (see below pics)

Next, re-enforce stitch the front along the the lines around the arrow where the two sides are divided. Slit the front bodice knot area up to the arrow tip and then finish it with a double folded hem. (See below:)

Fold the bottom right of the front bodice up so rights sides are together and align notches. Pin and then sew in place from the side edge to the knot hole, ensuring you leave the “knot hole” open. This seam forms the right side of the front bodice. Take the left side of the lower front bodice and pull it through the knot hole as seen below.

Like you did on the right side, take the left side edge and with right sides together line it up to the notches, pin and sew in place from the knot to the side edge. This forms the rest of the front bodice. (see below)

Time to sew the front and back shoulders together. I used a stabilizer ribbon so my shoulders don’t stretch out. After you sew the shoulder seams, go ahead and do a double rolled narrow hem to the back bodice to match the front bodice hem. You can go ahead and sew the side seams here or wait until you finish the neckband… your choice and your comfort zone.

To sew the neckband, I made my neckband smaller than what the pattern piece is. I have come to learn the best method is to make the neckband 75% to 80% smaller than the neckline depending on how stretchy the fabric is. This particular one I made 70% smaller because it is SOOOOOO S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y. Sew the neckband together at the short ends. Stabilize your neckline with stay stitching and/or a stabilizer. I did both and used an iron on knit stabilizer on mine. Attach the neckband to the right side of the bodice and sew in place stretching the neckband to fit without stretching the neckline itself.

The only thing left to do is set the sleeves in place and hem the sleeve and WHHHHAAAAAAAA. LAAAAAAHHHHH. you’re done!! What a cute, comfortable, lightweight sweater. So cozy for winter and fashionable to boot.

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