Toaster Sweater – Sew House Seven

I am roasty toasty in this awesome Toaster Sweater designed by Sew House Seven.

With the larger high neck design that is more than a mock and less than a turtle neck, it’s just perfect for me. The raglan sleeve design, the comfort level is at a 10+. The design is also a semi-crop length with a wide hip band and wide sleeve cuffs. What’s not to love about this cutie. My cut on this pattern included adjustments to make it a bit longer so I added 2″ to the bodice and used a size in-between the medium and large to accommodate my measurements. All seam allowances are 5/8″.

Sew…Here We GO!

Since it’s November here, let’s talk turkey about fabrics for this design. In order to attain the full design features of this pattern, especially the stand up collar, you will need to have a medium weight knit like a ponte or wool knit. This does not preclude you from thinking outside the box though, so I chose a light weight viscose/lycra that drapes a lot and feels good on the skin even though it’s too light to hold the collar up.

Cut out your pieces and prepare your sewing machine for a knit garment. If you have been reading my blog, you know the drill here… clean your bobbin area out first, use a new needle appropriate for your fabric, use the right tools for the job. It will make your sewing experience so much more enjoyable. I love a rotary cutter and pattern weights instead of pins and scissors, but use what you have and be precise in your measurements and cutting. Mark all your notches and dots. I also have a walking foot on my sewing machine to help feed the fabric through evenly as I go along.

First seam is sewing the sleeve to the front. With right sides together, sew from the neckline down to the armhole using a stretch stitch. Finish your seams with an overlock stitch or serger.

Sew the sleeves to the back the same way you did the front. You should have a fully formed neck hole now.

To make the collar, sew the short ends with right sides together. Fold in half with the right side out and pin to the neck line matching dots and notches. Sew using a stretch stitch and finish seam edge.

With right sides together, pin side seams and sleeves. Sew in place and finish seams.

Let’s work on the cuffs now. With right sides together, pin curved edge of cuffs and sew. Finish seams. Turn right side out so it’s folded in half to form the cuff.

Ensure your your sweater is right side out. Pull sleeve through the cuff you just made to that the raw edges can be pinned matching dots, notches and seams. Sew and then finish your seam with an overlock stitch or serger.

Sew the bottom hem band the same way you did the cuffs. Sew the short end of the band together, fold in half so the right side is out. Pull the sweater through the band so you can mach the raw edges at dots, notches and seams and sew in place. Finish the seam and WHAAAAAAH LAAAAAAH!! You’re done. Such a great sweater pattern perfect for the season.

2 thoughts on “Toaster Sweater – Sew House Seven

  1. You are the second sewest I’ve read or watched that has made the Toaster. This might be a sign that I need to make it. Both of you used a lighter knit also. I think the softer collars look just a good as the stiffer one and definitely looks more comfortable.


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